Hemsley's Fun Facts!!

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Some fun facts you may or may not know about us:

My husband and I dated off and on technically since we met in 7th Grade when we were 12 or 13 years old!!

We dated exclusively since 10th grade in high school till we got married in 2007 after we both graduated from college.

We both bought our first house together in Oregon when we were engaged. Both originally from SoCal.

We have moved 9 times since we got married. Hoping we have just one last move when we buy here in Arizona!

I am in my 30's even though I may not look it.

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Nyla has been dancing since she was 2 and been apart of a dance company since she was 4 years old. She has big dreams and wants to be a ballerina!!

Had to throw this in cause it just happened. My husband just got hit by a car for the first time. Full on he landed on top of the hood of a car. Luckily he was totally fine but the little old lady that hit him was freaking out. 

Not so fun fact, but Nyla was in the hospital for a week while it took doctors almost 3 days to figure out why her lower half was in so much pain and couldnt move. She ended up catching strep A in her blood which caused inflammation in her joints. It took her a couple months to recoup and was on an old man walker for a few weeks :( It was such a hard time for our family which is why im super anal about finding super nutritious foods, drinks, and supplements to keep their immune systems strong.

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My Dad and Uncle own a furniture manufacturing company that their dad started when they were teenagers after he migrated to the US from Russia. I've always grown up around furniture and interior design which is probably why I love it so much!! 

I went to Interior Design School after high school. I started off at FIDM in Irvine which was a super fun experience and then finished off at Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach.  

My husbands dad is Irish and basically looks like a full on leprechaun. And if you have seen my husband you would be like "what the heck" but then if you see my daughter and niece it makes sense, haha.

My husband works 3 days a week in California and is home in Arizona 4 days a week. We have my SUV her in AZ and his car is in Cali. We have been doing this for almost 2 years now and have been making it work.

I grew up with an older brother so I loved sports and was a complete tomboy. I would even play football back in elementary with the boys.

My main sport which may seem weird was softball. I was really good at it in high school where I could have gone to college for it but was lazy and went to a design trade school instead.

I also was a figure skater for 3 years, did competitive all star cheer for 3 years. Did a parent cheer team 4 years ago where I flew and tumbled for the first time in 15 years but of course pulled something and was in a lot of pain but still pulled it off for a competition performance.

Alright that's all I can come up with for now. Thanks if you stuck it out reading the full post :)

Ill leave you with some shoe eye candy. It will be linked if you want to snag them! Click here for shoes or click on the picture.

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For those wanting outfit info:

    Sweater         Sunglasses        Velvet bag    seems to be sold out but here is the same bag non velvet but in a rose/blush color     Leggings    love that these come in a short length



Velvet bag seems to be sold out but here is the same bag non velvet but in a rose/blush color

Leggings love that these come in a short length

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