Fall Time Chenille Obsession

Chenille has made quit the comeback this season. I have seen chenille sweaters and cardigans all over this fall. I have purchased a few cardigans the beginning of the season but holded off on a sweater. I have been craving a gold one after seeing the Nordstrom one but I'm so glad I waited and saw this pretty one at Target. It is the softest thing ever but be careful with it because it is so soft it seems to be a bit delicate to me. 

There are 4 colors available but I thought this one is so great for fall time. I am in a size small.  

I will include this sweater below as well as other great chenille sweaters and cardigans & I will include these faux leather leggings, black booties, and sunglasses.  


First row are items I'm wearing. The rest are other chenille sweaters and cardigans. They are all 20% off right now!!