Recipe: Mexican Grilled Chicken with Black Beans


A super quick and easy dish.

  • chicken breasts
  • taco seasoning (Iike the one from Trader Joes, it has a nice kick to it, can be a little spicy)
  • avocado
  • 1 lemon
  • onion
  • black beans
  • garlic powder

I just trim the chicken breasts of any unwanted stuff. Then season with the taco seasoning front and back. I use my grill pan so you get those nice grill lines. Get the pan nice and hot first with the heat on medium. I squeeze one half lemon all over the chicken breasts. Grill it up until its not pink inside. Depends on how thick your chicken is. If you want it to cook faster you can pound your chicken thinner.
While the chicken is finishing up cooking I heat up the black beans in a sauce pan and also start on the guacamole. With the nice ripe avocado remove it into a bowl and mash it up. I squeeze in a few sqeezes of lemon. I really do usually eyeball everything and taste everything while adding in stuff. Also chop up some onion and throw that in with a few sprinkles of garlic seasoning. Back to the black beans, as its heating I sprinkle in some garlic powder, salt and pepper.
Just top the fresh off the grill chicken with homemade guacamole and scoop a side of black beans and enjoy :)

HealthNatalie Hemsley