Blue Apron Meals

I wanted to try out one of those fresh ingredient meal delivery services to give me a break on figuring out all the meals for the week.

Blue Apron was the first one we tried. They had great looking dishes that for the most part would be husband approved and it seemed to be a little bit cheaper than other ones.


The Pros:
The two deliveries I've had have been on time.
Packaging and freshness of produce is great.
Most meals were pretty quick to make.
The prepackaged ingredients make cooking less stressful.
The pictures and instructions for the recipes are very easy to follow and helpful.
Does give you more knowledge on cooking.
Its nice having some restaurant like recipes cooked at home.

You get to try out new flavors you don't usually buy and cook.


The Cons:Still most likely pricier that if I put together a less complex recipe I find from Pinterest.
My biggest con of Blue Apron is there are some recipe combination restrictions. There is about 6 recipes to choose from and I have to choose 3. Half the time a recipe I want isn't available with the other two I want so I have to skip the week.
I wish there were more meat options. There is so many meatless ones which make paying the price you pay not worth it if there is no meat.


This was the husbands favorite because we don't do steak very often. It was the most time consuming recipe though out of the 6 I made. 


This was my favorite. The flavors were so different but really good. All the dishes did not lack flavor.